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Products & Services
For more information, customized advertising packages and weekly specials, please contact our recruitment advertising specialist:

and CareerBuilder offer a suite of online products to assist you in finding qualified candidates locally or across the nation. Cost effective recruitment advertising solutions include in-column and display ads, online job postings, company profiles, access to our resume database, career fairs, specialty publications, and more.

Online Job Postings

Online job postings include unlimited text for job descriptions, job requirements, and company background. This information can be edited at any time during the 30 day run schedule. Online job postings are also interactive. Every posting includes an "apply now" button that allows job seekers to submit their resume online.

Employers manage their job postings, view responses, and activate automated response letter through their mycareerbuilder account.

Have more than one opening? Job postings are available in discounted packs of 4 and 10.

Job Packs Priority Posting: Regular Price Priority Posting: Special Offer


1 $300 $269 $200
4 $1200 $969 $800

Posting more than 10 jobs a month? !


Millions of top talent job seekers visit CareerBuilder every month. That's why it's essential to brand your company while posting your jobs. Brand Builder allows you to stand out from the crowd and share with job seekers the benefits and work environment your organization can offer!

With features such as your company's logo, a concise overview of your organization, a link to your company's web site, and plenty of room to tell job seekers about your benefits, environment, and history - it's a valuable compliment to your job postings and will separate your company from the competition. Contact us today for a product sample and price quote.

Resume Database

With access to over 5 million quality resumes that range from professional to skilled and hourly workers, you have the power to control your search for the right candidate. With Resume Database, you can pull resumes on demand, reach passive job seekers, and increase your recruiting efficiency.

Resume Database is affordable and convenient. We have customized category access that will allow you search for as little as one week or complete, nationwide access for as long as one year - it solely depends on your recruiting needs and the type of candidates you're looking for.

Please contact us for more information regarding our Resume Database and how to effectively include it in your recruitment advertising mix.