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A Smart Choice... Post Your Resume Today!
So, you've made the smart choice to post your resume! Now, you have three options to control the privacy of your resume... and regardless of which option you choose, your posted resume puts you only a click away from building your career.

Posting your resume with CareerBuilder offers many great benefits. You can post and manage up to 5 different resumes that highlight your diverse skill sets. You can quickly apply online when you find the right job. And, you can be assured that your resume can be read and filtered conveniently by today's online hiring software... making it even easier for your next employer to find you!

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When posting your resume, CareerBuilder offers you three privacy options. Standard posting will give you the most visibility to the broadest employer audience possible but because your confidentiality is as important to us as it is to you, we also offer Anonymous and Private posting options. In section 4 of the form below, you may choose one of the following 3 privacy options.

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